I need smooth skin for my job —
so I put both razors to the test

by Jzotta, my subscription addiction | 10.17.22

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “shaving”? If you’re thinking about razor bumps, irritation, and cuts, you’re not alone: as a fitness professional, I have to keep my skin smooth. Luckily, hanni is shaking up the razor world by reviving the original single-blade safety razor in an aesthetically pleasing, environmentally conscious way. Read below to see how hanni compares to generic drugstore razors.

When it comes to versatility and efficacy… hanni

Hanni’s blade is straight and sharp, providing a close shave without dragging or irritating the skin. My hair vanished after one pass, leaving behind supple skin. I would definitely recommend hanni for use on the entire body, as well as for someone with sensitive skin. I love that you can dry shave with hanni’s Shave Pillow, which is so ideal when you’re in the rush or noticed you missed a spot on-the-go. Hanni has received glowing reviews from sources like Allure to Vogue to Forbes, so you know this razor is the real deal.

Conversely, drugstore razors often require you to go over the same spot a few times for a close shave, particularly after the moisturizing strip at the top of the blade wears off. This increases potential for developing razor burn, cuts, or itchy skin. You can’t really dry shave with a drugstore razor, which dramatically increases your get-ready time.


When it comes to value and sustainability...hanni

Hanni’s shave set is $68, which includes the razor, 5 blades, the blade bin, shower holder, and Shave Pillow–a great value! After you use up the blades in the set, purchasing a pack of 50 blades for $38 translates to around $1.31/blade, which is cheaper than buying a new drugstore razor.

Additionally, hanni’s eco-friendly mission can’t be beat. All of hanni’s packaging is curbside recyclable, and with over 2 billion (with a b!) plastic razor cartridges ending up in landfills each year, hanni is doing its part by creating a razor that you can use forever. All of hanni’s blades, plus the blade bin, are recyclable for a waste-free experience.

When it comes to design… hanni

The first thing I noticed about hanni’s razor was its weight–it feels high-quality and durable. There are super unique colors to choose from, such as “blush” (a light pink) and “flame” (a bright orange). The simplistic design of the razor holder is totally on-trend–the razor looks super elegant when it’s standing upright in the holder.

On the other hand, it’s no secret that the plastic frame and rubber grip of drugstore razors doesn’t feel like a first-rate product. Though I do think drugstore razors are more ergonomic than hanni’s straight handle design, there was so much more I loved about hanni, such as the cute hanni logo at the base of the razor. Overall, I think hanni’s design is cleverer, and the quality is definitely there.


For a quick shave… drugstore razors

Drugstore razors’ flexible blade heads help with getting a close shave in harder-to-reach spots, which hanni doesn’t have. Additionally, drugstore razors’ rubber grips make it easier to hold in the shower, and the pop-off heads on the drugstore razor are a bit easier to switch.

However, getting the hang of using a hanni razor is simple. You just have to remember that because it’s weighted, you have to let the razor glide across the skin, using short strokes, for a smooth shave. Don’t forget to use hanni’s innovative shaving cream substitute Shave Pillow, which will leave you with the most luxurious-feeling skin afterwards (inside or out of the shower).

For beautiful-looking skin… hanni

Hanni gave me that just-waxed look that I’ve been looking for as a fitness professional. I first opened the razor, popped in the blade, applied Shave Pillow to my arm, and got to shaving. The shave was so delicate that I had to double-check to see if I actually touched my skin with it! Thanks to no cuts or irritation (not even from a dry shave) my skin still looks flawless.

Drugstore razors are clear losers here. The blades lose their sharpness quickly, meaning you have to apply more pressure to achieve a smooth shave–often leaving you with cuts and irritation. I find that my skin looks way better when I use a weighted razor like hanni, where you don’t have to increase the pressure.

The overall winner… hanni

With hanni, shaving doesn’t have to be an expensive, wasteful, or time-consuming task. I know my skin is going to look its best after using hanni, which is so important as a fitness professional–I’m in love with how my skin looks waxed afterwards. If you’re looking for a versatile and eco-friendly product, definitely give hanni a try–you won’t regret it!


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