"the dolphin-skin
feeling it gave me
is addictive"


who's ready for dolphin skin?

shave in or out of the shower,
no rinsing off

convenient on-the-go

cactus water
hydrates and supercharges

adaptogenic mushrooms
sooth and balance

vegan, cruelty- free, paraben- free

weighted razor > your plastic razor

it's like dermaplaning, but for your body

  • smoother skin
  • fewer ingrowns
  • plastic free
  • reduces razor burn

the weighted razor
hanni starter set showing hanni weighted razor replacement blades, hanni shave pillow shaving balm, and hanni weighted razor
hanni shave pillow shaving balm
hanni weighted razor in-shower holder
hanni replacement blades
from $6
hanni blade bin product image.

everything you need for next-level smooth

everything you need for next-level smooth