the weighted razor


the hanni weighted razor glides along the surface of your body, removing hair and dead skin — leaving you with nothing but a soft, smooth glow.

  • plastic-free: the entire razor is 100% metal.
  • powder-coated: won't rust when wet.
  • extra-long handle: 5" handle designed for body shaving.
  • finger grooves: keep your grip, even with wet hands.
  • cap curve: the razor head's curve is specially angled to fit underarms.
  • great for sensitive spots like the pubic area.

hanni hint: we're not like other razors. with us, you have to prep the skin with shave pillow, applying section-by-section, as you shave. make sure the blade is in contact the skin. use light to no pressure—no need to push down.

*please note - only hanni's proprietary Swedish stainless steel blades are compatible with the hanni weighted razor. 

    Color: blush
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    the weighted razor

    let the weight of our extra-long handle do all the hard work. hanni glides effortlessly over your skin - no tugging or pulling - even in the hardest to reach places.


    • hanni weighted razor
    • pack of 5 blades
    • silicone razor cap

    it’s all in the details

    from the curves of our armpits to the length to our ankles, we meticulously designed hanni to be the best razor on the planet for women. period

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