let the weight of the hanni handle do it's thing.
just remember to apply no pressure
but to us, no pressure is about so much more than shaving
hi, I’m Leslie,
ceo and founder

as a wife, mother of three young kids, founder, and human being, I often find myself struggling to balance it all (spoiler alert - you can’t! at least not in equal parts). the messaging I was hearing was making me feel like I was always falling short.

“get married,” have kids,” “be a girl boss,” “move your body,” “make sure you get 8-10 hours of sleep.”

was I the only one struggling, spreading myself too thin and burning out? you can read about my full no-pressure journey (it involves a post burn-out move to Argentina on a 6-month-turned 10 year adventure) here

our mission is to help each other take the pressure off. let's cut out the noise and focus on what makes us happy.

because if we're happy, we're doing it right
check out our no pressure philosophy here: