shave set

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whoever said “more is more” clearly didn’t need to shave a bikini line with 5 blades.

the hanni weighted razor's single-blade design exfoliates away dead skin and removes hair in the most gentle way possible meaning less irritation and smoother, softer skin than you've ever had before

our starter set sets you up with everything you need  so it's easy to ditch the plastic and upgrade to hanni.

hanni hint: we're not like other razors. with us, you have to prep the skin with shave pillow, applying section-by-section, as you shave. make sure the blade is in contact the skin. use light to no pressure—no need to push down.

looking for more tips and tricks? check out how we hanni.

please note - only hanni's proprietary Swedish stainless steel blades are compatible with the hanni weighted razor. 

      Color: blush
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      hanni starter set

      set includes:

      • weighted razor: the original hanni single blade razor
      • silicone travel cap
      • shave pillow: shave #hanniwhere no s needed!
      • blades: swedish stainless steel double-edged blades
      • blade bin: to easily store used blades until recycling
      • hero holder: structural and chic to up your shelfie game

      how to hanni