shower scarf


a multi-tasking cloth that cleanses, exfoliates dead skin, and feels like a massage – the shower scarf turns your tub into a mini-spa! custom designed with an optimal texture to deeply exfoliate and reveal healthy, glowing skin; extra-long to reach tricky spots like your back!

made from 100% recycled nylon.

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the shower scarf

exfoliating body cloth

inspired by traditional Japanese exfoliating cloths, the shower scarf sloughs off dull, dead skin, and preps your skin for post-shower skincare, like body lotion. for your smoothest skin ever, use before shaving with the hanni weighted razor.

how to use

  • saturate with warm water
  • drizzle body wash and work into a lather
  • scrub skin with desired pressure: more pressure = deeper exfoliation (go gently to start)!
  • rinse your shower scarf thoroughly and hang to dry