Transform your skincare routine with a simple, lazy facial massage sequence for people who don’t have the time or energy for elaborate routines. Daily massages can be an amazing way to prevent wrinkles, reduce puffiness and give you that healthy glow. This sequence has all the benefits of professional spa treatments from the comfort of home – leading to smoother skin and a calmer complexion for youthful rejuvenation.

1. Start with breathing

Take a moment to relax and reset with the help of some calming breaths. Close your eyes, inhale deeply through the nose, exhale completely from the mouth - three times. For added atmosphere incorporate an essential oil or botanical facial serum for a fresh scent experience that will make you feel extra zen.

2. Create some heat

Get your hands warmed up and give yourself an energy boost by briskly rubbing them together, then place your palms over eyes to create some calming darkness while taking in a deep breath.

3. Lift your neckline

Right side:

Reach up to your collarbone with your left hand, angling slightly toward the ear. Move gently in an upward motion along the neck until you reach just above the jawline; then move back down and do it again! Rotate sideways a bit so that you're able to feel around under each eye as well - running over all those little contours without pressing too hard. As before, circle slowly upwards until meeting near chin-level once more before bringing yourself back home.

Left side:

Aligning your right hand underneath your ear, just on the left collarbone, gently tilt and turn your head slightly to the right. Keeping fingers together flatly in front of you as if pressing a button with one finger at a time, smoothly glide from down below up along both sides of neck - under each eye and nose respectively- before returning back to center; chin lifted all throughout for that elegant touch!

4. Jawline care

To achieve a relaxed and rejuvenated state, align your gaze straight ahead then subtly tilt your chin up. Wrap both thumbs under the base of your chin while placing pointer and middle fingers over them to gently compress the area for three repetitions with soft circular motions from center outward towards each ear. Pause in between by lifting off at the ears before smoothing down either side of the neck with fingers still compressed on skin. Roll back those shoulders one more time and take a deep breath - you're ready to go.

5. Don’t forget your sinuses

Place the heels of your hands together in prayer below your chin, gently opening up the fingers outward away from each other as you rest it against them. Firmly press and smooth both cheeks outwards along their jaw bones before moving down towards their lips for another round then upwards around cheekbones until reaching the ears and scalp area.?

6. For clear eyes and laugh lines

Align your pointer finger and middle fingers between the brows. Apply gentle pressure, hold briefly then release as you take in an invigorating breath. Now smooth outwards towards temples, making circular motions over the eyebrow bones up along nose ridges back down again - complete three full circles with soothing sensations around that area. Follow this by taking two more breaths while giving extra attention at points on either side of eyes (just beyond corners) with six tiny circles each side before finally coming to rest once again in deep breathing bliss.

7. Stop worrying about those worry lines on your forehead

Apply comforting pressure on your forehead with the heel of your palm, then gliding slowly and steadily up to the hairline. After 3 repetitions in this area, repositioning fingers slightly higher each time, move outward towards temples for another three rounds before pausing at temple level. Smoothly work down one side of face and neck; roll shoulders back after finishing cycles for maximum relaxation benefits. Take an extra deep breath afterward – you deserve it.

8. Ears are more important than you think

Open your ears and help promote better hearing, place both thumbs behind the earlobe and use your pointer finger in front. Gently compress the lobe between fingers, then reposition them a small distance further up around the outer ridge of the ear. Repeat this process until you reach mid-way on top – switch over thumb placement so that they’re now at front while using your pointer finger to continue compressing along its side towards center point.

9. End with breathing

Close your eyes, inhale deeply through the nose out into a smile - letting go of any tension you feel in that exhale. Roll those shoulders back gently and enjoy this peaceful breath before continuing on with whatever task lies ahead.

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