eco-friendly razor: introducing a sustainable shave

we like to keep things simple: one stainless steel blade, one iconic weighted razor, and one super-smooth shave. our goal is a clean, soft, and close shave every time — with no landfills in the picture.

disposable razors are among the most common choices for people who choose to shave over waxing or laser hair removal. unfortunately, this seemingly cheap option adds up when you consider the steep price of plastic cartridge refills.

really, what do these flimsy plastic razors get you? a low-quality shave, an annoying monthly trip to the store, and a big toll on Mother Earth. 

your skin and the planet suffer when disposable razors are the go-to option — seriously, did you know that two billion reusable razors end up in landfills every year? yeah, that’s billion with a “b.”

hanni’s weighted metal razor is a treat for all skin types. our single proprietary blade glides over skin, whether you’re shaving in the shower or prepping on the go with our mess-free shave pillow

when you use a hanni shaver, you get smooth skin, and our planet gets to breathe a sigh of relief.

intentionality in every step

let’s cut straight to the important stuff: what makes hanni different from other razors? besides our zero-waste materials and packaging, the hanni razor is much more than your typical reusable razor. 

hanni’s zero waste razor is plastic-free and made entirely of metals, and each part of our razor has a purpose. the reusable handle combines with our stainless steel blades and recyclable packaging to create a sustainable experience unlike any other.

the weighted razor is great for beginner safety razor users and awesome for all skin types. the single blade is made from steel and designed to exfoliate your skin while also gently removing hair. this keeps even the most sensitive skin smooth and soft post-shave.

not sure where to start? take a look at the hanni shave set

this shave set is the perfect beginning to your sustainable shaving experience. it comes with everything you’ll need, and it’s available in four warm, earthy color schemes: midnight, burgundy, blush, and flame — because sustainability can be stylish, too.

  • hanni’s weighted razor is the best eco-friendly razor around, and it rests in a coordinating silicone hero holder that allows your razor to sit right on your counter or shower shelf. the silicone travel cap keeps the blade protected while in transit.

  • the shave pillow lets you have a mess-free shave anywhere you roam. swap your shaving cream for a whole new type of comfort: our moisturizing stick lives up to its name by providing a gentle pillow between your skin and the razor. this shave balm will leave your skin feeling soft and nourished all day!

  • five Swedish stainless steel blades are waiting to replace your hanni blade the minute it dulls. we recommend replacing your blade about every two weeks, depending on how often you decide to shave.

  • when it’s time to replace your blade, place your used blade in our handy tin blade bin. here, you can store used blades until it’s time to safely recycle them. The blade bin can hold up to 100 used blades.

no plastic, no pressure

remember plastic straws? these eco-unfriendly gadgets got the celebrity treatment as sustainability trends over the past few years started to focus largely on the elimination of plastic straws

people love a cause they can rally behind, and rally they did — companies quickly jumped in with paper, bamboo, glass, metal, and even pasta-based alternatives. now, it’s almost weird to be handed a plastic straw at your local coffee shop.

it’s time for alternative razors to get that same hype. 

hanni provides a plastic-free razor that exceeds all expectations. the razor handle is reusable and can be refreshed with replacement blades made of stainless steel. plus, it looks super cute on your counter or shower shelf.

the time has come to finally stop disposables for good — whether that’s disposable straws, disposable razors, or single-use plastics like those pesky non-recyclable grocery bags. why not get ahead of the wave and get on board with eco-friendly shaving

hanni can help you out.

ditch disposables

picture this: you’re walking through the grooming aisle at your local Walgreens and scouring the shelves of beauty products for the best deal. if you’re a person who shaves, you know how pricey plastic razor cartridge refills can be — and you’re naturally going to want a budget-friendly option. 

that’s when the disposable plastic razor catches your eye. this cheap device is tempting, but it’s important to remember the long-term consequences to both the planet and your wallet. 

it might seem affordable in the moment, but the price of these flimsy razors can add up over time. hanni’s high-quality blade sets add up to less than one dollar per blade if you choose the 20- or 50-pack — that’s way cheaper than those $10 disposables you’ll find in the grocery store or online.

as we mentioned earlier, it’s been estimated that over two billion disposable razors and razor blades will end up in landfills each year. this statistic is from the 1990s Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Consumers Handbook, and it’s assumed to be way higher today.

hanni unisex razors are a better option for your wallet, your hair removal experience, and your conscience (and we’re pretty sure the EPA would agree).

an Earth-friendly experience

you deserve a planet-kind razor, and your skin deserves a gentle shave. hanni brings both right to your front door.

you can shave with confidence knowing regular razor burns, itchy red bumps, ingrown hairs, or nicks will become things of the past. still, there are a couple of tips you need to know before using the hanni razor. 

the steel blades should be replaced every two weeks, or once a week if you shave daily.

using a fresh blade creates a close shave without compromise, but we’re not like other razors — our step-by-step how to hanni guide will get rid of the learning curve, so you can get to shaving.

your shave routine simplified

as people who shave, we’ve probably all had a last-minute sink shave. we all know the moment when you step out the door in your cute new romper and immediately feel the breeze on your hairy legs.

you head back inside and prop your leg up on the sink before quickly gliding your razor across bare legs, maybe even without water, shaving soap, or shaving creamouch. that no-lather shave just won’t do. 

sensitive skin usually suffers when you try to shave outside of the shower — and we know that hair removal is skincare, and it deserves to be treated as such.

the good news is that hanni’s shave pillow gives you such a soft soothing barrier, you don’t even need water for a close shave. just use the stick to apply generously to the skin before shaving. toss a shave pillow in your bag for on-the-go moisture and anywhere-anytime shaving.

single blade

hanni’s sustainable razor is designed with a single blade. plastic multiple-blade razors increase the chance of nicks, itchy bumps, and irritation. plus, this one-blade wonder allows for quick and simple replacement with each blade in a 20 or 50-pack replacement set costing less than one dollar.

the Swedish stainless steel can reliably give you the smoothest shave, especially when paired with our shave pillow.

reduce, reuse, and recycle

so many hanni pieces are recyclable, even down to the packaging they arrive in. if you have a recycling bin, you can just toss the packaging in and get back to your day.

if you aren’t sure where to recycle in your area, you can contact your local municipality for city-specific information. 

as for the double-edge safety razor blades themselves, we’ve got all the info you need below.

materials with intentionality

it’s important to us that every part of the process is planet-kind. Earth 911 is a great resource if you are unsure of where and how to recycle different materials in your own city.

the hanni single steel blades are made with Swedish stainless steel. they can definitely be recycled, but don’t just toss them in your roadside recycling bin.

because blades are so sharp, there are only specific drop-off sites for them. you can also send them in the mail securely. check with your city or Earth 911 if you need help finding a local place to dispose of your used blades.

the tin blade bin acts as a secure place to store all your used safety razor blades as they wait to be recycled. the blade bin can hold up to 100 used blades before it needs to be emptied. the tin itself can even be recycled.

an Earth-conscious shave

the Earth needs our help. 

piles of single-use plastics are destined for the landfills every single day, and so many people have taken a stand against the use of plastics like these. the negative stigma around plastic straws and grocery bags has led to actual legislation being passed to protect the environment from such harmful materials, but we’re just getting started.

it’s time for that same energy to go toward plastic disposable razors. these cheap, unreliable razors are a threat to sensitive skin and the planet alike. their only purpose is a couple of unsatisfactory shaves before they head to the landfills forever.

hanni’s shave set is a great start for anyone looking to begin their plastic-free journey. each part of the razor is made from metal and recyclable materials. from the blades to the metal safety razor to the packaging, hanni takes steps to help you complete your sustainable routine. 

it’s time to say bonjour to zero waste shaving and oui to our reusable safety razor.


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