our custom hanni Swedish stainless steel blades are 100% recyclable and deliver the closest, softest shave out there. the double edge means you can cover more skin in fewer passes.

directions: change your blade every 2 weeks to avoid nicks, cuts, and rusting. if you shave everyday, change your blade once a week.when it's time to switch out your blade, just toss the used one in your blade bin. when full, the blade bin and blades can be recycled.

directions: please note: only hanni blades work with the hanni razor. the hanni razor was specifically designed for the best body shaving experience, and our custom blades perfectly match our razor. together, they give you the smoothest shave possible.


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the blades

our custom Swedish stainless steel blades finally give us the proper shaving experience we deserve. using a single blade means less irritation, fewer ingrown hairs and a much smoother shave.

buy in bundles to save

  • 5 pack   ($1.20/blade)
  • 20 pack ($.90/blade)
  • 50 pack ($.76/blade)

change your blade every two weeks
to avoid nicks and cuts.

used to waiting until you see rust forming or a gel strip eroding to change your cartridge? no judgement - we’ve all been there! most people will need to change their blades every two weeks. if you're a daily shaver, it's best to change your blade once a week.