razor holder: fabulous & functional

just because something is necessary doesn’t mean it can’t be cute, too. your routine should be curated just how you like it. this includes everything down to the decor and vibe of your space.

you need a shower curtain, so why not make it fun? the same goes for towels in a fun accent color, a pastel toothbrush, a cheeky bathmat… every piece in your bathroom should be selected to fit your aesthetic. hanni’s razor holders are subtle additions to your decor that improve the look of your space while also making your routine seamless. 

the hanni hero holder and the shower holder are designed to sit pretty in your bathroom, no matter how you choose to decorate it. 

two ways to store 

with the hanni hero holder and the shower holder, you have multiple options for storing your hanni razor. maybe you like keeping yours on the counter while your partner prefers storing theirs in the shower. there’s always the opportunity to switch it up.

hero holder

maybe you’re the type of person who likes keep your skincare bottles all lined up in a row across the bathroom counter. everything is carefully organized, and you have your routine down to a science. 

or maybe you embrace a little clutter, but you want your beloved razor to stay out of the fray. 

no matter what your bathroom vibe is, our hero holder is the match for you.

the hero holder is made with silicone and comes in two beautifully neutral shades: midnight and nude. its sleek rainbow-shaped designs sits right atop your counter next to the rest of your products. 

this is a great option if you are a frequent traveler. just toss it in your bag, and take your shave on the go.

its design is also extremely intuitive — simply place your hanni razor handle down in the hero holder’s hole. this way, it will be kept upright and out of the way. you can also use the divot at the top to store your razor horizontally.

in-shower holder

if you’re more of a shower shaver, you’ll probably lean toward the shower holder more. maybe you’re also the kind of person to brush your teeth in the shower and bring your whole morning routine into one place. 

you’re a person of convenience and efficiency — awkwardly leaving your razor lying on your shower’s soap holder is not your style.

this holder adheres to the walls of your shower. it doesn’t matter if your shower’s made of acrylic or tile. as long as it’s a completely flat surface, your shower wall and hanni holder will stick together like bffs. 

like our hero holder, the in-shower holder simply makes sense. the burgundy silicone holder contains a little hoop to cradle your razor. just place it vertically, and the handle will rest there until you’re ready to pick it up again.

how does it stay on the shower wall, though? adhesive! follow these simple steps to make your shave routine as simple as can be with your hanni razor nearby:

1. clean the shower surface with alcohol. wipe down a few-inches-long area to cover the holder’s base.

2. next, peel back the adhesive sticker on the holder’s base. this is what will attach to the wall of the shower.

3. finally, press the adhesive side of the holder to the shower wall. hold it in place for 30 seconds to make sure it really sticks.

      everything you need

      from the hanni shave pillow to the weighted razor, hanni provides every option you could think of when it comes to getting your shave routine down to a science, no matter what it is. 

      the razors do the work, and the holders make the experience oh-so-satisfying from beginning to end. instead of sitting your razor blade-down on your shower shelf in a puddle of old shower water, you can protect your blades for your best. shave. ever.

      our holders will keep your hanni razor up, dry, and out of the way, just the way you like it.

      how to hanni 

      a hanni shave starts with the shave pillow. this mess-free solution to shower-free shaving is perfect for people on the move, but it’s an important step for everyone who shaves with the hanni razor. 

      hanni is a single-blade razor, and the shave pillow can help make sure this innovative razor can glide across your skin, leaving it smooth.

      the shave pillow is especially helpful for those in need of a quick, shower-less shave. it’s awesome for those who store their razor out on the counter in the hero holder. with the shave pillow, you don’t even need water for a great shave.

      after using the shave pillow on the area you want to shave, slowly slide the razor across your skin. use slow, short strokes to make sure you get every hair you want — whether that’s a lot of ‘em or just a few. you do you.

      sustainable shave 

      hanni is committed to helping you love your shave routine with handy holders and beautiful tools. we want what’s best for you and for the planet, too

      hanni’s in-shower holder and hero holder are delivered in fully recyclable packaging. when your razor holder arrives in the mail, you can unbox it and just toss that box in the recycling bin.

      if you don’t have a recycling bin at your home or if you aren’t sure what your area’s rules are about recycling, check out your local government website for more information. they will help you out with finding the best ways to recycle different materials in your region.

      aesthetically functional

      when it comes to storing a hanni weighted razor, we like to keep it simple. choose between the hero holder or the in-shower holder (or use both!). it all depends on how you choose to personalize your shaving routine. 

      put your razor in a place of honor with a holder made specifically for hanni weighted razors. 


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