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With respect to Beyonce, it's not just girls who run the world. Women have used their power and knowledge to create some of the most influential and popular brands right now in everything from fashion to shopping. Instead of always shopping from the same companies, here are some of our favorite women-owned brands and companies that we feel you need to try immediately.

Flowers are a girls best friend, or something like that. Poppy is a female founded flower company started by Cameron Hardesty. Poppy believes everyone deserves to have beautiful flowers for any reason, or no reason at all. The best part? They partner with fair-trade certified farmers and wholesalers to get not only the most beautiful, but the most ethical bouquets into your home.

Hayleys Beauty isn’t just female founded, it’s science led. Ashley Ocampo, the company's founder, has dealt with the disappointments of products that cause skin irritation and problems. She has extensive knowledge of components and innovation as a scientist. She founded HALEYS BEAUTY to construct the kind of makeup she could never find for herself — using science.

Cheers to self-care in every sip! Droplet is a stress-relieving effervescent beverage produced with whole fruit juices, organic adaptogens, and aromatherapeutic superfoods. An all-female team of designers and culinary scientists created it- so you know it’s good. Get the benefits of meditation in a can, with a side of peach too.

Maeva Heim is making haircare basics, for not so basic hair. Bread Beauty Supply is for the curly haired, and is taking back the space to empower curly haired girls — not tame them.

Proclaim is an inclusive lingerie line, because we don’t all just come in beige. Shobha Philips, a female BIPOC entrepreneur, is the face of the company, which is based in the heart of Los Angeles. They are expanding the idea of “nude”, one item, made with love (and recycled materials) at a time. While Proclaim is made for all body types and skin tones, the pieces are made from recycled water bottles. Look good, do good.

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