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Our skin is our largest organ. On average it accounts for nearly 16% of our body weight and covers a surface area of more than 22 square feet - that is roughly the same size as a standard double bed! Because our skin is the thing that literally protects us from the outside world, most of us probably have some kind of skin care routine down by now. Some ladies opt for the less is more route and stick to cleansing and moisturizing, while others have a 20-step process and enough products to rival any Sephora. 

But if you ask most women what their daily routine is for the skin on their bodies versus the skin on their faces, you'll be met with more than a few blank stares. People generally wash their bodies in the shower and then maybe slap on some moisturizer if they're feeling fancy. And even if you do spend the time and money to give some product love to your body, chances are most of that cash and effort is going down the drain because your body isn’t actually ready to accept it. You can use serums and moisturizers to your heart’s content but if you’ve skipped exfoliation then you’re just pampering dead skin and very little product will actually get through to the layers that need it.

So let's just throw a scenario out there - what if we gave the same attention to the skin on our bodies as we give to the skin on our faces? Think of the possibilities!

There are lots of high quality products available at every price point and when you combine these products with the exfoliating power of the hanni weighted razor and moisturizing genius of the hanni shave pillow, let's just say your dry, scaly self will be as silky smooth as that vintage scarf you've been eyeing.

Step 1: Set the Stage with Dry Brushing.

Dry brushing your legs takes about 3 minutes and can be done every day or every other day before you shower. So no excuses here - break out that dry brush as your shower is warming up or you're waiting for that perfect first cup of caffeine to brew . Brush upward or in small circular motions, applying very little pressure (we know you've heard that one before!) which in turn will stimulate your pores, increase circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. 

Here are two of our favorite dry brushes to get you started:

Fan-favorite British beauty brand Legology created their Lymph-Lite Boom Brush for Body to boost healthy radiance and tone. This cute little natural bristle brush is the perfect size to fit comfortably in your hand. The small handle gives you big control.

If you plan on dry brushing your whole body, this cactus bristle Elemis Body Detox Skin Brush is a perfect fit for all skin types. The long handle lets you massage those just out of reach bits and the brush head is removable so you can focus your motion when you need to. 

Step 2: Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Step 2 is our favorite for obvious reasons - exfoliation with the hanni weighted razor! If you've ever been lucky enough to use your hanni when there's no noise around you then you've already experienced one of the most satisfying sounds in the universe. We call it the "hanni crackle" and its the sound of layers of dead, dry skin being sloughed away - your own personal dermaplane. The crackle lets you know that your hanni is doing its job and your skin is now perfectly smooth, primed and ready to accept whatever products you choose to spoil yourself with next.

Step 3 - Unleash the Power of Serums!

We’ve all heard the benefits of using serums on our face but did you know there are body serums which deliver that highly concentrated goodness to the rest of your skin? To be honest there are TONS of amazing serums on the market but these are a couple of our faves.

Nécessaire The Body Serum is the ideal addition to your new glowing body routine. This bad girl is not only packed with hyaluronic acid and ceramides, but it's free of parabans, sulfates and fragrance so skin not only looks healthier, it actually is healthier. 

Let's say you're more of a night owl. No worries - there are equally awesome options for you too! Exfoliate with your hanni while binge-watching your latest Netflix obsession, then slather on some Moroccan Oil Night Body Serum. Formulated with argan and tsubaki oils, Holy Basil and Vitamin C, you only need to apply a thin layer to reap the benefits of this powerhouse product all night long.

Step 4: Seal Your Skin With a Kiss of Moisture

Now for step 4, the final touch, the pièce de résistance - your moisturizer. This is your chance to seal in your serums, seriously smooth any lingering rough patches and keep all that hydration locked into your skin where it should be. 

The hanni shave pillow is filled with natural ingredients such as adaptogenic mushrooms, cactus water, and glycerin which team up to not only infuse your skin with moisture, but also protect from UV damage and reinforce the lipid barrier so all that goodness stays where it should. Keep in mind that this pint-sized powerhouse is also portable, mess-free and has no harsh chemicals or fragrances so you can moisturize here, there, and everywhere!.

Well there you have it friends - your skincare routine is now complete and your body is the new star of the show. So head out there and show off that glow. You’ve earned it!

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