the check-in challenge

the check-in challenge

5 simple questions to ask yourself
Shaved legs on a white blanket

with or against the grain: shaving tips for women

(or really anyone who shaves their body hair)
Close up of a woman's body

you are more than just your body

a huge disconnect between the fashion industry and reality.  
Silhouette of a leafy plant on a window sill

let’s talk about burnout.

it’s no coincidence that analysts are anticipating “The Great Resignation”...
Woman in a yellow bikini, reading a book on a blanket outdoors

the history of the bikini

to begin with, only a french nude dancer would...
A stack of cardboard shipping boxes with red, white and green florals laid on top of them

top 5 women-owned brands to try

some of our favorite women-owned brands to try immediately.
A pair of women interlocking their legs on a bed with white sheets

four tips to up your skincare body routine

what if treated our bodies like our faces?
Reusable canvas tote seen from above, laying flat on a patch of grass

5 ways to say "see ya" to plastic

every bit helps. Let's take a...

shaving tips & tricks from hanni's founder

shaving tips & tricks from hanni's founder

our favorite tips for the smoothest shave.
Vintage black and white photo of a woman shaving with a hanni weighted razor

the history of hair removal

ever wonder why women started shaving?
hanni CEO Leslie sitting outside in front of a row of cacti. She is wearing a brown long sleeve shirt.

my no pressure story: leslie

hi! i’m leslie, ceo/founder of hanni.