remember 10 years ago when you would log into MySpace, Facebook, and maybe Twitter and scroll all day, never once encountering beauty videos advertising the latest facial treatment or make-up haul? those were the days.

as self-care routines become more and more popular, beauty advice online seems inescapable. this rings true, especially in the world of skincare. take two seconds to browse any social media platform, and you’ll find that getting a monthly facial or skin treatment is so normal that you might start wondering why you’ve gone so long without experiencing one.

chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser treatments, botox … you name it, someone is probably getting it done at this very moment. one treatment, however, sticks out as a universally beneficial treatment that can be done all over your body. 

if you’re chasing after the smoothest skin you’ve ever had, then keep reading. we have a solution for you that might’ve never crossed your mind. that’s right, we’re talkin’ dermaplaning.

whether you want to get rid of your peach fuzz or remove the pesky hairs littering other areas of your body (or you’re not even that into hair removal but just want an awesome exfoliating experience), dermaplaning might be just what you need. 

what is dermaplaning?

before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s not assume anyone and everyone automatically knows about dermaplaning. some of you might’ve cocked your head in confusion — “derma-what?”

at its core, dermaplaning is a type of exfoliating (and a more effective one, at that). you won’t be getting this from the bacteria-filled loofa in your shower, that’s for sure. 

although the process of dermaplaning has become more widespread in the last decade, it was actually invented in the 1970s as a procedure to combat acne. that makes sense considering that acne can be caused by the build-up of dead skin cells. 

it’s important not to get dermaplaning mixed up with dermabrasion. during dermabrasion, an aesthetician or doctor uses a high-speed rotating brush for a similar exfoliation. dermaplaning makes use of a different manual exfoliation that hair along with up to three or more layers of dead skin cells by using a scalpal-like tool. 

this is a low-cost and highly-effective way to receive more lasting, noticeable, and efficient results from a skin-care professional if your at-home creams and treatments don’t seem to do the trick. the next time you’re looking in the mirror at the end of the day thinking, “man, nothing is working,” consider contacting a local aesthetician for a dermaplaning treatment. treat yourself, bestie. we all deserve a little extra tlc from time to time.

dermaplaning details

you might be wondering, what are the exact benefits of this low-cost procedure? there are actually a few more benefits than you might think. 

the first benefit is the one to your wallet. we’ve mentioned low-cost, but to put a number to the words, dermaplaning is actually one of the cheapest in-office skincare procedures on the market at a mere $100 to 150 a session. however, there’s an at-home alternative to the in-office procedure that’s even more affordable — but we’ll talk about that later.

a collection of randomly assorted skincare products you’ve been told to try from the drugstore (“this moisturizer saved my skin!”) could end up costing that much or more — with little to no results. dermaplaning is a tried and true way to see a difference for less than a bottle of fancy moisturizer. 

whether you’re dermaplaning yourself at home or going to a clinic, you’ll get results for less than that bottle of “miracle serum” your aunt swears by. we know you’re balling on a budget.

and the lasting and maintainable results we keep talking about? dermaplaning has been proven effective at reducing or eliminating major and minor skin conditions such as acne, actinic keratosis (patchy or scaly skin), peach fuzz (soft hair on your face), sun damage, and fine lines or wrinkles. some of this is restricted to the face, but the symptoms of some skin conditions all over the body can be addressed using this procedure. 

still, dermaplaning isn’t for everyone. consult your derm before dermaplaning if you experience conditions like skin tags or protruding moles, eczema, a severe or active case of acne (let that ish calm down before scraping it with a scalpel, girl), psoriasis, or skin rashes/burns. there are skincare procedures out there that might be better suited to your needs. 

if you’re concerned that dermaplaning in-office might cause issues for your skin, we highly recommend trying hanni’s weighted razor, an at-home dermaplaning tool made for everyone. we’ll fill you in more about it in the paragraphs below.

guide to smooth skin

now that you understand what dermaplaning is and how it benefits you, let’s deep dive into what dermaplaning looks and feels like and how to upkeep it in between sessions. 

one major upside alongside the affordability of dermaplaning is how long you can wait between visits. dermaplaning is only necessary for most people once a month, sometimes three weeks if you need more consistent upkeep. with that kind of schedule, it's a doable procedure for (almost) anyone under any time constraint. when you do in-clinic dermaplaning, the visit itself only takes 20 to 30 minutes and is incredibly low impact. 

dermaplaning is gentler than most other exfoliants. the whole point of having it professionally done (though now similar tools are being made available for at-home use) is to give you better results in an extremely minimally invasive way. 

there are a few short-term side effects to watch out for, especially if you have normally sensitive skin. these include redness or surface irritation of the skin, soreness (from the pressure of the scalpel), or a tingling sensation up to 48 hours post-op. they are short-term or not experienced at all, however, for most people. 

in between visits, it’s important to avoid tanning or other exfoliation techniques at least three days before each session. post dermaplane, it’s vital to apply extra moisturizer than normal as well as sunscreen if that isn’t a part of your daily routine anyway (we seriously recommend adding it if it’s not!). most that receive a dermaplane treatment have experienced an instant result that they see improve slowly for a few days longer right after their procedure. 

skin texture as well as the overall brightness and health of your skin should see immediate improvement, and anything immediate in our book is a win. 

the hanni razor: the new way to dermaplane

while going to your local aesthetician for a dermaplaning treatment is one option, it’s not the only way to get that satisfying exfoliation. hanni’s weighted razor is the best tool out there for sustainable, simple at-home dermaplaning. we might have a bias, but it’s impossible not to love this versatile powerhouse of exfoliating goodness. 

the hanni razor is truly one-of-a-kind. when paired with the hydrating shave pillow, the razor sloughs off dead skin cells with ease, leaving your skin smooth and moisturized. who knew shaving could feel so good?

dermaplaning with the hanni razor isn’t painful or uncomfortable — instead, it’s an easy process that you can repeat as often as you want. plus, you can dermaplane at home with the razor, which saves you some gas money. if that isn’t a win, we don’t know what is.

did we mention that this razor is eco-friendly? it’s built to be used with recyclable cartridges, which can be stowed in a handy disposal box until you’re ready to deposit them in your nearest recycling bin. that means you can save the planet and your skin at the same time.

dermaplane the day away

now you’re basically a dermaplane expert. you’re welcome. and to recap all the info before you head out there to continue your smooth skin journey, here’s a breakdown of all things dermaplane. 

when you opt for dermaplaning at a clinic, visits take place three weeks to a month apart, and they are crazy inexpensive as far as skincare goes. take care of your exposure to the sun before and after the appointment, and apply extra moisturizer to all affected areas as a daily part of your skincare routine. 

avoid excess exfoliation in your downtime. enjoy the immediate and satisfying results of your new and improved smooth skin. however, if you’re dermaplaning at home with hanni’s weighted razor, feel free to exfoliate as often as you want.

either way you decide to go, we are confident in the improvement that a treatment like dermaplaning will bring to you and your skin’s life, giving it a new and healthy glow. don’t worry, we’ll still be here with plenty of other skin tips and tricks when you get back from your next leg of the journey.


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