the armpit. we all have them, and plenty of us have a love-hate relationship with shaving them. let’s face it, shaving your armpits can be tricky. they’re flat in some places, curved in others, and have some especially sensitive skin.

still, they’re one of the most commonly shaved areas on the body for those of us who choose to shave. shaving your pits can help minimize body odor that comes from sweat and hair follicles comingling in a sandwiched part of your body. and who wants to deal with that? not us, that’s for sure.

maybe you don’t give two cares about where your hair is growing, but odds are, if you clicked into this article, you very much do.

and you’ll be happy to find out that this is your one-stop shop for all things armpit. not quite what you thought the day had in store for you, did you? but as long as you’re here, you might as well stick around and learn all the helpful hints, tips, and tricks to unearthing the true potential of your pits.

most of the issues we all deal with while shaving pop up on our armpits, too. ingrowns, razor burn, nicks and cuts, clogged follicles: you name it, the armpit has experienced it, probably more than once. in an effort to stop these issues once and for all (or at least more often than not), let’s explore why our pits get irritated and how we can help ‘em out. 

ingrown introduction

allow us to introduce you to your ingrowns: ingrowns, you. you, ingrown hair (or pseudofolliculitis barbae, if you’re fancy). now that you’ve met, you might have some questions for your ingrowns. what are they? where did they come from? how long are they sticking around?

we know you two just met, but wow, the sparks are truly flying. let’s sit down and answer some of these questions together in hopes to better the relationship between you and the smooth skin waiting in all of its potential beneath the skin’s surface. 

ingrown hairs: the bane of skin’s existence and something that leaves many running to the dermatologist. as if razor burn, razor bumps, and the occasional nick of your razor wasn’t enough, ingrown hairs sit there idly under the epidermis. and they definitely make their presence known, whether it’s through a lil’ bit of pain or a big ol’ bump. 

some ingrown hairs can be as painful as a pimple or cyst ready to pop in the most sensitive area of your face. others just offer you the most infuriating smattering of unsightly red bumps. either way you slice it, they suck. Anything you can do to treat ingrown hairs is worth it.

What Causes Ingrown Hairs?

ok, but what causes ingrown hairs? we’re glad you asked. ingrown hairs are named quite appropriately. when hair follicles that have been shaved or removed in some other way begin to grow back, they have two options: grow up out of the skin like normal or grow back into the epidermis. 

care to hazard a guess as to which option is the ingrown? we’re almost positive you nailed that one. yes, ingrown hairs are curly hairs that grow into your skin instead of out of it. this hair resting where it shouldn’t is what causes the redness and irritation commonly associated with ingrowns. wondering if you have ingrowns? look for tiny red bumps that might burn, itch, or sting, areas with darker pigmentation than normal, or patches of hair that is coiled in nature.

people with naturally curly or coiled hair suffer the most from ingrowns as they are more inclined to curl back beneath the epidermis

a perfect hiding place

the underarm area can see basically every hair removal method: waxing, tweezing, shaving with an electric razor or single-blade razor, sugar waxing, and laser hair removal methods are just a few of them.

despite some of these treatments offering a more permanent solution to underarm hair growth, most of them will see some type of hair re-growth as time passes.

in the most common case of shaving, this creates the perfect storm. this method of at-home hair removal creates a sharper edge to the hair follicle since it is not being removed by the hair bulb or root. that sharp edge begins to break through the surface of your skin again readily and boldly, leading to even more ingrowns and other skin care annoyances.

an ingrown in the armpit can often be a more grating experience than one on your thigh or arm. the armpit is in constant motion throughout the day: it rubs against the fabrics of our clothing, it comingles with sweat and sits under the entire pressure of your arm in stillness. there’s really no winning when it comes to having an ingrown in the armpit. 

that’s why it’s so vital to you and your skin’s health to know how to deal with them when they arise and how to keep them from coming back. 

ingrown hair removal and treatment options

a lot of what we’re about to reveal to you might already be knowledge you’ve had on lock for a while now but maybe just never knew how to apply in a way that works for you. or maybe you’ll finish reading and have a palm to forehead moment: “that’s so obvious!” we’re manifesting that lightbulb moment for you.

the main elements to help you fight the war on ingrowns come down to exfoliating, moisturizing, and shaving properly (with a plastic-free weighted razor, of course). the easiest way to avoid ingrowns altogether is just to let your hair grow out and never shave it again. easy easy. 

just kidding, we know that’s not a realistic thing for everyone. some of us love shaving (or, at the very least, get easily irritated by waxing, laser hair removal, or sugaring). giving up shaving is really not necessary if you’re willing to add a few extra steps into your shaving routine — and you’ll be glad you did in the long run. 

exfoliation is the best way to remove the layer of dead skin cells that rests itself over your coiled ingrowns. using a gentle exfoliation towel in circular motions before you tweeze the ingrowns or shave could be the difference between getting rid of your ingrowns or worsening them.

moisture comes into play here as dry skin is no friend to the ingrown. dry skin often worsens the layers of dead skin found on your body, thereby worsening the ingrown armpit hair and skin irritation that arise from that. not to mention how awful shaving around those layers of dry skin must be … ouch

nary a nick 

a few final thoughts as we wrap up this introduction to ingrowns: a warm compress with warm water over a problem area of ingrowns might also help get rid of any ingrowns that you already have. You can gently press this washcloth on the affected area for a quick home remedy. and we’d recommend, as always, trying our single-blade weighted metal razor and shave pillow (our answer to shaving cream) for your next shaving experience.

the single blade design simply glides over the skin, and this lack of tugging is what helps ingrowns and razor burn to remain a thing of the past. meanwhile, the shave pillow is the perfect shaving gel and hydration stick in one. you can use this for convenient shaving #hanniwhere you might be, and it’s also great for applying some much-needed moisture throughut the day if you’ve got a few dry patches.

now that you’re equipped with the know-how to combat ingrowns, we can conclude this meeting with heads held high and brains bursting. 

now get out there, whether in the shower or out on the town and walk tall knowing those pesky, painful ingrowns won’t be bothering you anytime soon. 



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