how to dermaplane at home: ultimate guide to DIY dermaplaning at home

in the modern era, luxury is one of the most marketed concepts out there. with the rise of self-care and the “treat yourself” mindset, things like skin care, hair care, mental health care, and even rejuvenating treatments are all put on a high pedestal — and for good reason. 

getting these treatments from professional estheticians, dermatologists, therapists, and beauty technicians is so much more common than it was a decade ago. social media pushes these options for personal treatment more than it ever has, and the availability of these treatments is just as accessible for the average Jane as it is for the top one percent. 

the problem with this luxury lifestyle is often the price tag attached to it (or just the lack of time to schedule and attend another appointment). getting a professional treatment can be a true treat, but those results are just as achievable at home with the right set of tools and knowledge. 

dermaplaning appointments aren’t the most expensive treatments out there (only $100-$150 a session), but they can add up since dermaplaning isn’t exactly a permanent fix. 

the benefit of it being so popular? there are so many at-home DIY dermaplaning alternatives on the market for you to take advantage of. hanni’s plastic-free razor even has its own dermaplaning technology for all areas of your skin, not just your face. 

if you find yourself with the desire to start dermaplaning or continue it at a fraction of the price but without the knowledge or tools to properly do it, then look no further.

below we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to dermaplaning right from the comfort of your home. get to know the process and what you’ll need to get started and keep going!

what are the benefits of dermaplaning?

you probably clicked on this article for one of two reasons: you’re either a huge fan of this cosmetic procedure and need to save your wallet, or you’re entirely new to dermaplaning and want to try it out for yourself. no matter where you land, allow us to explain the fine details of a classic dermaplaning appointment.

dermaplaning is a procedure that tackles damaged, dry, aging, or patchy skin. it does this by taking a scalpel-like dermaplaning tool in downward strokes, perfect for precision treatment. dermaplaning is an extremely minimally-invasive skin treatment that leaves your skin looking healthier almost immediately. 

if you find yourself struggling with things such as minor acne patches, actinic keratosis (patchy or scaly skin), peach fuzz (soft facial hair sometimes called vellus hair that resides on your upper lip), sun damage (no shame if you skip the sunscreen sometimes, but it’s worth it), or fine lines or wrinkles, in-office or at-home dermaplaning could be the treatment you’ve been searching for. this procedure has been proven to help lessen — or in some cases eliminate — skin issues like these.

because of its minimally invasive nature, dermaplaning isn’t meant to tackle larger skin conditions such as major acne or acne scarring, severer eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, large moles, skin tags, or other rashes/burns across your skin. if you experience any of these larger conditions or have generally sensitive skin, it would be in your best interest to consult a professional dermatologist before starting treatment.

at a traditional dermaplaning treatment, the aesthetician will gently exfoliate you by pulling your skin taut and using the scalpel at a 45-degree angle to safely remove fine hairs, dead skin cells, and any other abnormalities living just under the surface of the skin. this results in smoother, glowing, and healthier skin without the need for any added serums, moisturizers, or other expensive skincare products.

steps to dermaplane: at-home treatment

so, if that’s a visit to a professional esthetician, how do you achieve the same result at home? we’re happy to answer that wonderful question. 

dermaplaning actually originated in the 1970s as a method of exfoliating treatment for acne  (because obviously, you were just dying to know), which makes sense since acne can be caused or worsened by the buildup of a layer of dead skin cells. 

at the root (pun intended), dermaplaning is meant to simply eliminate these dead skin cells, therefore eliminating multiple problems that are caused by them, not just acne. The goal is smoother skin and fewer breakouts without the need for expensive creams or lotions.

there has been a surge of at-home skincare treatments over the last few years that can work for all skin types and all price ranges. the most important thing to have before you start is your own dermaplaning tool. 

 here are the safe and proper steps to dermaplaning at home:

wash your face

make sure your skin is as fresh and clean as it can be before you start to dermaplane.

disinfect your tools

you’re taking a metal instrument to your skin. although it’s minimally invasive, it’s still vital to clean your scalpel before it touches your skin.

wear gloves

anytime you’re attempting to work on your skin, whether it be popping pimples, clearing a blackhead, or dermaplaning, gloves are your best friend.

use the right tool at the right angle

45-degrees is the sweet spot for your scalpel to be. pull your skin taut (gently) and, in sections, glide the tool over your skin, removing the peach fuzz and dead skin that it comes across.

stop if it ever feels uncomfortable

dermaplaning should be a painless and easy process. if you feel any nicks or general discomfort while you’re working, stop immediately. you may need to readjust or reassess your approach.

follow up with a moisturizer

our shave pillow is perfect to finish the job. bonus, it’ll penetrate even deeper after a dermaplaning procedure. that’s the beauty of dermaplane. 

how can hanni help?

now for the best part: did you know you can dermaplane to get glowing skin on more than just your face? Hanni’s plastic-free weighted razor is the ultimate at-home dermaplaning tool, complete with painless and smooth dermaplaning technology. 

you don’t even have to try to achieve the easy exfoliation this razor offers. simply shave the way you always have with our patent safety metal razor and revel in glowing and smooth results every time. paired with the hanni shave pillow, your skin will be the most moisturized, soft, and healthy it’s been all year.

just think about it: with this fully metal, recyclable razor, you can repeat this process as many times as your heart desires. no more scheduled appointments, no more paying out of pocket for every visit — but all the same results. doesn’t that just sound like music to your ears?

our razor glides over your skin. no pressure or pulling is required to get the stunning and hydrated glow of hair removal anywhere on your body. and it’s all from the comfort of your bathtub, kitchen, living room, bedroom … wherever you want it, you got it, babe.

derma-stay at home

do you feel that? the confidence to take control of every aspect of your skincare routine? the bliss of knowing just how to achieve those results you’ve always sought? the contentment of a one-time cost that will leave you as happy as your wallet? the freedom of your schedule to do things how you want when you want?

it’s the same feeling everyone should experience at least once in their life. it’s an energizing feeling to be fully equipped with everything you need to better yourself affordably, easily, and confidently. we thrive on helping to make that feeling a universal one, even if it’s in a small way, like changing your shaving experience.

people don’t realize how much small changes truly can alter the bigger picture. the elements of your everyday routines are such subconscious choices that very much affect the conscious parts of your day. your mood, your confidence, your energy, etc. how you start or end your day with small rituals influences all of these things.

so do your future self a favor and treat them well today. alter and equip those subconscious parts of you to improve your day-to-day. enjoy the healthy glow you’ll be experiencing with something as small as dermaplaning. you’ll be thanking yourself later. and we’ll thank you now!


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