best razor for sensitive skin: complete guide to sensitive skincare

skin is a delicate and temperamental thing. and it’s so varied for every individual person. some people can’t try a new product without suffering from a hives breakout or a new round of acne. 

others can’t settle on a product because it either keeps them oily or leaves them dry. nothing seems to work. and even more of us still have skin that is constantly changing depending on the season or the weather that day.

it can be frustrating trying to find the perfect products and tools for your unique skin type. products and tools that care for your skin the same way you do. one of the hardest things to navigate while trying to perfect your skincare routine is shaving. most razors are made cheaply with plastic components that not only degrade your skin but degrade in landfills too. doubly whammy. 

there are five unique skin types that sometimes have to compete with a single product — normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. these distinct categories each respond to products differently, and what works for one person might not work for the next. 

in this article, we’ll be deep diving into one of the hardest skin types to care for: sensitive skin. this skin type suffers from common reactivity to all sorts of outside stimuli. 

harsh products or new elements introduced into your routine could be detrimental to the skin health you’ve been working hard to achieve. and if you didn’t know before, the cheaply made plastic razors you might have been using up to this point could be one of those obstacles to the perfect skin. 

keep reading to find out just what is happening when you use certain razors and how to protect your sensitive skin.

what’s wrong with plastic?

you know those single-use plastic, mono-color razors you can get in a pack of four at the grocery store? the ones that you use until they are basically rusting over before you replace them? you probably used these growing up, or maybe you still do.

believe it or not, these razors, no matter where you’re using them on your body, could be the difference between a smooth and luxurious shaving experience and a bumpy, irritating one. sensitive skin gets its name for a reason, and using these cheap razors is like running a piece of broken glass over a cotton sheet: no fun.

even if you haven’t considered the effect of cheap plastic and blades on your skin, consider this: 300 million tons of plastic waste is trashed into our landfills, oceans, and ecosystems every. year. 

that’s almost the same as the weight of the entire human population. and out of that waste, 200 billion (that’s with a “b”) disposable razor heads and razor bodies end up included in that massive amount of waste. 

we don’t know about you, but that feels like an unacceptable number to be seeing when it comes to our yearly waste. eight million of that 300 million tons end up in our oceans alone. that’s a lot of unhappy fish. these single-use plastic razors are a detriment to your skin and the environment alike. 

that’s why hanni stepped in to create a small but vital change in this part of the skincare industry. luckily, a lot of people are making the switch to a reusable lifestyle in general, so allow us to present a better alternative: metal razors. once you experience the next era of shaving, you’ll never go back to your single-use life. we promise.

why hanni is better

what makes hanni so much better than what you’ve always known? we would say a lot of reasons, but we’ll show you instead. 

as we mentioned, more and more people are moving away from the single-use plastic razor era, but we’re actually going back in time instead of forward to find the innovation we’re looking for.

back in the 1800s, safety razors — single-blade metal masterpieces — were the standard. the interest in this type of shave has been on the rise in recent years, along with the growing demand for high-end, luxurious skincare. these razors are seen as the shaving equivalent of a pricey moisturizer or name-brand exfoliator. and more and more people are boarding the self-care train too.

this means that a higher population is giving in to the idea of treating themselves to the best of the best and really taking their time with their daily routines and rituals. in addition to these heightened interests, people are also adopting the low-waste mindset that is so desperately needed.

people are moving away from plastic shopping bags, single-use plastic packaging, and disposable food storage. composting is relevant in an average household, and making small changes like switching your razor is more at the forefront of people’s minds.

that’s the need that hanni fills. every part of our razor is recyclable, and the parts that need recycling are slim. you’ll have a sturdy, trusted razor for years to come, and the change to your actual shave will leave you with less irritation and more smooth and happy skin. perfect for our sensitive skin friends. 

here’s how to make use of the hanni razor to achieve a smooth and luxurious shave every time. the kind of shave everyone should experience at least once.

sensitive skin guide

there are a few major tools and practices you can incorporate into your skincare and shaving routines to help your normally reactive sensitive skin. 

the best thing you can do for your skin, honestly, is to get a quality razor. we don’t mean to toot our own horn, but our razor is truly top-tier. we have a razor bin to dispose of all your recyclable razor blades into. the hanni weighted razor itself is fully plastic-free and reusable for longer than might even need. 

to top it all off, the way that you shave with our razor results in a safer, more consistent, and cleaner shave. it’s a win, win, win. 

as far as the method of your shave goes, our razor is better for sensitive skin because of it. you don’t need any pressure, pushing, or pulling with the razor to get a clean shave. try pulling an area of skin until it's barely taught and think about the razor gently gliding over the skin. 

without the added pressure usually needed to get to the hair, your shave is bound to be more comfortable, closer, and leave you with much less irritation. after all, friction is a big irritant. eliminate that, eliminate an irritating reaction to shaving.

in addition to your wonderful new razor, focus on exfoliating with a gentle exfoliation tool or product. our shower scarf would be perfect for anyone wanting a light exfoliation they can trust. exfoliation is beneficial to any skin type. because more tools and practices are bound to irritate sensitive skin, it’s better to eliminate any preexisting ingrowns, bumps, dirt, and dead skin from the body before you start to shave. 

lastly, try adding a moisturizer to your skin routine that’s meant for sensitive skin. during your shave, you can use hanni’s shave pillow gel for added moisture and comfort. make sure to incorporate moisture after the shave as well.

nicks no more

we love this part: when people just like you decide they want to join the movement and turn their back on their disposable razors. ironically enough, by stepping back in time just a couple (hundred) years, you’re joining a positive and impactful change for your future.

we care about the health of skin everywhere because we’ve been there and done that, and we don’t want to go back. and you won’t either. there are so many reasons to make the change and so many ways that the change you make can be seen, heard, and felt in the environment and community around you. have a conversation with a friend and get them to convert, too! 

with each added member to the hanni family, it’s another win for both the earth and your skin, and who doesn’t want that? here’s to continually seeing that 300 million tons of waste get smaller and smaller with every small change we can control. 

here’s to the health and longevity of your sensitive skin. here’s to hanni partnering with you to create a future we all want to be a part of. 


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