it’s no secret that sustainability has become more and more popular in recent years. everywhere you look, people are offering their personal tips and tricks on how to recycle food scraps, devote yourself to a plastic-free lifestyle, or reuse single-use plastics as essential household objects. maybe you’ve even started buying from companies that offer something other than single-use plastic products or provide you with a refillable option instead of a one-and-done purchase.

we’re sure you’ve heard by now how much plastic we go through in a year (spoiler, it’s a lot), but have you ever put a number to the madness? allow us to do it for you: 300 million tons of plastic. numbers tend to lose their effect the larger they get. it’s hard to fathom what 300 million of anything looks like, so think of it like this: if the entire human population’s weight was on a scale next to all the plastic we go through, the numbers would almost be identical. wild, right?

we’ll dip more into those staggering stats later, but for now, let’s think about how many of us are helping to combat plastic use in the hopes of creating a zero-waste consumer market. reusable water bottles? canvas grocery bags you can take to the store each time? there are so many ways to be the change you want to see in your stores, but have you ever thought about the smaller products you use?

that’s right; we’re talking about your razor. it’s a small (but mighty) item that can easily be overlooked when on the path to a more sustainable lifestyle. whether you’re a sustainability beginner or you’re putting the finishing touches on your eco-friendly life, let us introduce you to the perfect sustainable option for your hair removal: the hanni razor.

what is hanni?

maybe you’re well-acquainted with our brand of eco-friendly razors, or maybe this is the first you’ve ever heard about us. either way, we’re always excited to share our mission and vision for sustainable products that can fit the lifestyle of anyone who wants to shave (since no one ever has to shave — it’s all about your personal preference).

in the same way that the world rallied around getting rid of the mass-use of plastic straws and switched to plastic-free, reusable versions, we rallied around the razor and noticed how many of them were piling up in our landfills. over two billion disposable razors and razor heads end up in the dump every year. every year. you might look at the old plastic razor you’re tossing away and think, “it’s so small and insignificant. no way that’s going to hurt anyone.” 

think about it like pennies. one or two of them won’t get anyone very far. but stack up enough of them, and soon you’ve got dollars, then 10s of dollars, then 20, and so on. small things are often the most dangerous because of how little importance people attribute to them. the same goes for the razors we’ve used and discarded. those add up and fast.

that’s why we created hanni, to help combat that rising number while giving you your smoothest shave ever. hanni is a 100% plastic-free, weighted, metal razor that offers recyclable razor blades (and even a place to store those replacement blades safely until you can recycle). the benefit of using a weighted razor instead of a lightweight plastic one is that it helps to greatly reduce razor burn, ingrowns, and other skincare concerns. you’ll also get a close shave, kind of like what men get from a single-blade reusable safety razor with double-edged blades — without the fear of nicking your legs.

if you’ve been looking for a way to help save your skin the same way you want to help save the planet, then hanni might just be your new bff.

why you should go sustainable

remember those horrifying plastic waste stats we mentioned before? we’re shuddering too, but let’s dive a little deeper into the problem at hand. not to be a Debby Downer or anything, but sometimes a healthy dose of reality is just the medicine we need.

60 years ago, mass-plastic production began polluting our planet as the rise of consumerism increased. mass-produced beauty products — including shaving kits and shaving cream canisters — made plastic use increase even more.

we’re all familiar with the inescapable reality of marketing schemes, overnight shipping, and the constant ease of online shopping. these innovations are amazing in so many ways, but the amount of packaging and plastic used to achieve this level of consumer satisfaction is detrimental to the very place we live — even if it might seem like it makes your shaving routine easier. (spoiler alert: it doesn’t.)

that’s why it’s more than vital to begin making small changes to our everyday use of things to help bring those monstrous numbers down. like we said, small things add up, and while that’s true for the waste we throw out, it can just as easily be true for the positives too. the more people hop on board the zero-waste razor train, the more that impact will be felt.

approximately 8 million tons of that plastic waste ends up in our oceans every year–a fact you’re most likely acquainted with at this point. however, researchers are predicting that if this trend continues, by 2050, we could have more plastic than fish swimming in our waters: a sobering thought for friends and fishies alike. like the diminishing Amazon rainforest and melting ice caps, the ocean is of the utmost concern for our generation.

the production of plastic is cheap and universal, and the disposal of plastic is mismanaged and mistreated. these things, on top of the hundreds (yes, hundreds) of years it takes plastic to biodegrade, create the perfect storm for horrendous results. sustainability is the future.

and the future is now

the reality of plastic waste is what makes the solution all the more important. with sustainability in mind, here are some practical and everyday ways you can help save the planet. 

first, a reusable stainless steel or plastic (emphasis on reusable) water bottle is an excellent way to help cut down on the disposal of one of the most used plastics in the world. shopping secondhand and thrifting or using hand-me-downs are other great ways to help cut the use of clothing packaging and manufacturing. and most importantly (wink, wink), make use of refillable razor heads instead of throw-away ones for a close and eco-friendly shave! 

the plastic-free hanni razor

Like the double-edge safety razor that many men use, our metal razor handle helps to reduce the frequency of irritation to the skin, ingrown hairs, and razor burns all in one. you’ll be so enamored with your zero-waste shaving that you’ll never want to go back to razors you can just toss out. our shaving set, available in rose gold, burgundy, black, or orange, comes with anything and everything you could ever want to start your sustainable shaving journey, including the best eco-friendly razor that money can buy.

get ready for the smoothest and most guilt-free shave of your life with our weighted razor, complete with five stainless-steel blades that are all completely recyclable materials in our patent blade bin. shave anywhere in or out of the shower with the lather-ready shave pillow shave gel and store everything worry-free with our silicone travel cap and chic hero holder. 

shaving has never been so easy and affordable — this razor glides across your legs without breaking the bank. it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin and will help you avoid any nicks or post-shave discomfort.

this is the ultimate package for anyone with a green thumb and hairy leg looking into hair removal, so join the rest of us in making the future a reality by starting small with hanni. oh, and we forgot to mention that it’s unisex, so anyone and everyone can get in on the eco-friendly shaving goodness.

change anytime, anywhere

this swap may seem so small and insignificant, but remember: small things add up! That goes in the positive just as much as anything, and hanni is no different. choosing to go sustainable with our everyday use can make a bigger wave in the ocean–pun intended–than you might think or even ever see.

that’s the double-sided reality of some changes we make. we might not get to see the direct and immediate impact of them. but sometimes, that makes the constant routine of that change kind of sweet. you know that years and years down the line, the impact of your small contribution will be felt in all sorts of giant ways. the ocean will be full, and fish and the landfills will be empty of plastic waste, including all those razor heads.

imagine the world in that reality. if the present is uncomfortable the think about, then that future is surely a shining beacon of an idea to look forward to. and we hope hanni is and continues to be part of those big results for our future.

jump on board now and start helping your skin and this planet we call home by going completely sustainable in or out of the shower. your skin will thank you.



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