weighted razor: the wait for weight is over! — changing everything you know about shaving

maybe you’ve been shaving for decades, maybe you’ve only been shaving for a few months, or maybe you’re somewhere in between. no matter what, you deserve a shave that works for you, your skin, your wallet, and the planet. hanni can make it happen.

our amazing razor includes a weighted handle and single blade for a simple-but-effective shaving experience. simply glide the razor across your skin for an effortlessly close shave.

think that it can’t get better? think again! hanni is committed to sustainability and planet-friendly production. we’re using as much recyclable packaging and materials as possible, so you can feel comfortable in your shaving journey — in more ways than one.

the hanni weighted razor is the first step to a smooth and sustainable armpit, bikini area, or facial hair shave routine. wherever you like to shave (or not shave), hanni’s here for you.

no pressure 

so, what makes hanni’s razor different from other razors that might catch your eye? the hanni razor is designed to make shaving simple with a weighted metal handle and single blade (and it’s cute, too).

shaving is skincare, and your skincare routine should be put together with your unique needs in mind. from the shave pillow to the weighted razor, we’ve designed a mindful routine to get you the best shave — for your bikini line, your underarms, and your planet.

cheap disposable razors might seem like a great option for your wallet in the moment. unfortunately, those poorly-made pieces aren’t designed to last like hanni will, and their plastic parts will just end up in the landfill after a while.

hanni’s razor is made entirely of metal. the handle is durable and weighted so that you don’t need to use any pressure while gliding the razor across your skin. 

the weight adds just enough pressure to give you a close shave with minimal effort. just be sure to shave slowly and with short strokes. good things take time (but not too much time).

on the go? our razor comes with a silicone travel cap to keep everything covered while in transit. no need to worry about the blade snagging something in your toiletry bag. 

be sure to grab a hero holder or a shower holder to keep your hanni razor safe and out of the way when you don’t need it. functionality and aesthetic cross paths with the minimal design of both of these razor holders.

the shave set 

shavers who’ve only been at it for a few months and experienced shavers alike all have something in common: they all deserve a smooth, bump-free shave. the hanni shave set provides everything a shaver needs to get started on a thoughtful and effective routine.

the hanni shave set comes in four color options: midnight, blush, flame, or burgundy. each option shows a range of warm earth tones that you can choose to fit your vibe. cut down on your plastic use, and upgrade with hanni’s razor and its friends:

  • a great shave starts with a great base. theshave pillow is a moisturizing stick comparable to shaving cream — but way, way better. the mess-free application allows you to toss it right in your bag and take it on trips. you can get a perfect hanni shave anywhere with the shave pillow.

  • the hanni razor with a weighted handle is where the shave magic really happens. this design lets you achieve a closer shave and smooth skin without having to use any pressure. this can help to avoid nicks, razor burn, and ingrown hairs while also exfoliating the skin.

  • the hanni razor is a single blade razor — because we only need one to get the job done. the shave set comes with a set of five blades ready to replace the blade when it dulls.

  • we recommend using a new blade about every two weeks, depending on how often you decide to shave. daily shavers can swap it out on the weekly. when it comes time to switch out your blade, the tin blade bin will house your used blades until it’s time to recycle them all together. both the blades and the blade bin can be recycled.

  • the hero holder is a silicone stand designed to hold your hanni razor. this holder keeps the blade dry and safe while not being used. the simple design makes it look good no matter where you place it, whether it be the counter or a shower shelf. you can also use our shower holder if you prefer to keep your shaver where you use it most.

tips for shaving success

new to shaving with hanni? we’ve got your back — learn how to hanni with us, and see how easy your closest shave ever can be.

start by twisting the bottom of the hanni razor to open the clasp. unwrap the blade and hold it by the short end. place the blade in the razor, and then just twist it to close. now you’re good to go!

the hanni shave pillow is the next step. portable and mess-free, you can take your shave anywhere. going on a little weekend jaunt? toss it in your bag. the best part is that it's solid, so taking it with you on a plane is a breeze.

when you’re ready to shave, just remove the cap and apply it generously directly on the skin. keep it with you for whenever you need some moisture on the go. with the shave pillow, you don’t even need water for a smooth shave. just apply section by section as you shave.

after moisturizing with the shave pillow, grab the hanni weighted razor. this metal handle and Swedishstainless steel blade will give you effortlessly smooth skin no matter what you feel like shaving.

gently glide the razor across the skin you want to shave. use short strokes to make sure you catch every hair. because the handle is weighted, remember you don’t need to apply pressure!

remember, hanni isn’t like other razors. these blades are sharper than you think! slow down and use short strokes with a gliding motion without pressing on your skin.

single blade

when shopping through your local grooming aisle, you might notice that most drugstore razors have multiple blades. these blade options usually come as replaceable cartridges of five blades in one. even worse, plastic disposable razors are a common option as well.

ditch your go-to five-blade razor — why use five when one gets the job done better? the hanni razor is specifically designed to only fit with the single Swedish steel blades from hanni. they’re a match made in heaven. 

single blade razors are awesome for anyone with sensitive skin. the single blade doesn’t tug at the hair and skin like a multi-blade cartridge would. single blades are considered to be better for anyone whose skin is prone to ingrown hairs, acne, razor bumps, or other negative reactions to shaving. 

these blades and the tin blade bin are recyclable, but they can’t be just tossed out like aluminum cans or cardboard boxes. for safety reasons, they should be disposed of according to your local recycling rules. check out Earth 911 for resources and information on where to recycle in your area. 


it’s time to ditch the disposable razors. long gone are the days when it was acceptable to just buy a plastic razor and toss it in the trash after a couple of uses. these go straight to the landfills and litter the earth with materials that take literally centuries to decompose at all.

those flimsy, unreliable disposable razors are a disappointment to the planet and to your skin. hanni razors are weighted and durable, leaving you with the easy job. just gently glide the razor across your skin for a close, soft, and sustainable shave.

the wait for the best razor is over

the best advice when using a single-blade razor for the first time is to be patient. thanks to the weighted design of the hanni razor, the weight will do pretty much all the work for you. it’s easier to work with than any shaving products you’ve ever used — seriously.

prep your skin with the shave pillow and you won’t even need water. remember that the hanni razor is unique with its single-blade design. just take your time and use slow, short strokes. glide the razor across your skin and you’re good to go! the weight will do a lot of the work for you.

whether you’ve been shaving for many years or you’re new to the game, the hanni weighted razor is a safe, easy alternative to multi-blade disposable razors. it stands out with its weighted metal handle, recyclable materials, and sustainable process. if you’re looking to simplify your shave routine, the hanni razor is the perfect place to start.

hanni is committed to helping out your skin and the earth through the entire shaving routine. our promise is to keep things planet-friendly while providing you with everything you need to make your shave routine exactly what you need.


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