single edge razor blades: why one is all you need

maybe you’ve been shaving for years and your first razor was one of those disposable ones with five blades in the cartridge (you know the ones). maybe you didn’t know there was anything better out there! we don’t blame you. 

it can be tricky roaming the internet to find the perfect razor for you. thankfully, hanni is here to ship it right to your door. 

the hanni weighted razor is designed with your skin in mind. the weighted handle takes the pressure off of you and does all the work, applying just the right amount of pressure for the perfect close shave.

a single-blade shave is kinder to your skin. multi-blade razors tug and pull at your hair, which can be a nightmare for those with sensitive skin. let us show you what your shave routine can look like when you upgrade to the hanni life.

the fewer blades, the better 

picture this: you’re scrolling the web searching for a new razor. maybe your last one wasn’t quite giving you the results you were looking for. you’re on a budget, so you definitely want one that is going to work without breaking the bank. the cheapest option catches your attention.

what’s this cheapest option? it’s most likely the disposable razors. these flimsy things might seem like the most cost-effective choice, but they’re going to let you down. disposable razors were never meant to last. eventually, they all go off to the landfill.

you want something that’s going to stick with you. those disposable razors are usually multi-blade razors that come in replaceable cartridges. what makes hanni different is its weighted plastic-free handle and single-blade design.

hanni is changing the expectations for what a razor can be. its Swedish steel blades are designed specifically to fit the hanni weighted razor for an easy and close shave.

when you’re using single-edge blades for the first time, you need to remember that it’s different from multi-blade razors. we recommend changing your blade about every one or two weeks. this, of course, depends on how often you choose to shave, but it shakes out to roughly every five to ten shaves. 

changing your blade often might seem a little tedious, but it’s the best way to always have a shave you love. a blade that is too dull could pull on your hair and lead to razor burn. thankfully, hanni has replacement blades in packs of 5, 20, or 50 so that you never have to use a dull blade again.

single-edge razor blades are considered to be more effective than multi-blade razors if you have sensitive skin. when you shave with a multi-blade razor, the first blade catches the hair and the next blade cuts it. this tugs on the hair and skin and can irritate skin prone to ingrown hairs, acne, razor bumps, or other negative reactions to shaving.

those multi-blade options can also dip beneath the first layer of your skin, making it easier to develop irritated spots.

the perfect shave set

you deserve an amazing shave whether this is your first time using a weighted razor or if you’re a seasoned pro. no matter what your level of shaving experience is, hanni is here to help you curate the perfect routine. a single-blade razor is great for beginners and sets you up on track for shaving expertise.

the hanni shave set has everything you would need to get started, from the pre-shave skin hydration to the razor holder. the shave set comes in a range of cute color schemes, too. 

each color option is cohesive, and you’re bound to find one that fits your aesthetic. there are four warm earth tone options to choose from: midnight, blush, flame, or burgundy. 

what’s in hanni’s shave set?

the hanni shave set makes it easy to ditch the disposables and upgrade to a single-blade plastic-free razor.

  • the shave pillow is the perfect starting point for your shave routine. this moisturizing stick is hanni’s answer to shaving cream. while shaving cream can be messy, the shave pillow is easy to apply and incredibly portable, so you can shave anywhere (even outside the shower).

  • the hanni weighted razor is the next step toward your best shave ever. the weighted handle is designed so that you don’t even have to apply pressure while you shave. this is great for avoiding nicks, bumps, and razor burn. the single blade exfoliates the skin while shaving.

  • the hanni razor is, of course, a single-blade razor. this makes it unique and worthy of following a routine curated for you. the shave set comes with a pack of five blade refills to keep on standby for whenever your current blade becomes too dull. you know the drill.

  • when it does come time to switch out blades, just slide the old one into the tin blade bin. this little bin will hold up to 100 dull blades. when it’s full, it’s time to recycle! both the blades and the blade bin can be recycled.

  • last (but definitely not least) is the hero holder. this is truly the glue that holds this set together. the hero holder is designed to sit atop your bathroom counter (or cabinet or shower shelf). the silicon material and simple neutral colors make it the perfect addition to any aesthetic. it’s designed so that you can store your razor vertically or horizontally.

a hanni how-to

our step-by-step how to hanni guide will lead you to your favorite shave ever. not everyone is used to using single-edge razor blades, so we’re ready to give you the perfect simple routine that is great for new and experienced shavers alike.

like we mentioned before, the hanni shave pillow is your starting point for a great shave. this mess-free hydration gives your skin the moisture it needs during the shaving process. the shave pillow is made for anyone who uses the hanni razor. because hanni is a single-blade razor, so using the shave pillow ensures that the razor will easily smooth your skin.

before you reach for the razor, use the shave pillow on the skin you plan to shave. just take off the cap and apply it generously to each area before shaving. the best news is that you don’t even need water for shaving. store your weighted razor right on the bathroom counter in the hero holder.

after applying the shave pillow to your skin, glide the razor across the area you want to shave. be sure to do this slowly and carefully, as hanni blades are pretty sharp. you should shave using short, slow strokes for the best results.

sustainable and functional 

the single-blade design of the hanni plastic-free razor is a big part of hanni’s commitment to sustainability (and affordability). those disposable cartridges might seem like a budget-conscious choice in the moment, but the cost adds up — the average plastic refill cartridge is $4 while the average hanni blade refill is just $0.84.

when these plastic-filled razors end up in the trash anyway, is it really worth it? it’s time to ditch unreliable disposables. 

hanni’s blades are made with Swedish stainless steel — which means they’re recyclable. the shave set comes with the tin blade bin, so you can have a place to keep your dull blades until it’s time to recycle them. the blade bin holds up to 100 old blades.

both the blades and the blade bin aren’t destined for the landfill but don’t just toss them in your streetside recycling bin. these blades are sharp, so they need to be recycled following rules set by your local municipality

everything down to the hanni packaging is recyclable. if you have a separate recycling bin at your house, you can just throw it in there! 

hanni is here to help you with upgrading your shaving routine to be better for your skin, the planet, and your wallet.

single is superior

before you started reading this, you were probably wondering, “what makes hanni different?” what is so special about these single-edge blades? a smooth, sustainable shave is our priority. we want what’s best for your skin, your budget, and our planet. 

the single blade exfoliates while shaving. dermaplaning is made simple and safe for anyone, whether you’re an expert or a novice. gently exfoliate your skin while getting the smoothest, closest shave of your life.

our single-blade razor provides a close shave without having to apply pressure to your skin. this makes it perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin or is prone to acne, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs. all the work is done by the weighted handle.


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