how long does razor burn last?: understanding your skin’s reaction

if you’re someone who shaves, you’re probably looking for smooth, clear skin under all that hair. 

you take the time to find the best razor, the best shave cream, and the best moisturizer, and you hope for the best. you aim for the softest, closest shave and the most exfoliating razor. basically, you’ve done everything right — so why are you still getting razor burn?

as great as shaving can be, it can have its downsides. thankfully, there are ways to treat razor burn and avoid it in the future. 

how does shaving affect the skin?

we’re all unique. in fact, our differences are a big part of what makes being human so awesome. we all experience the world in our own ways, and our skincare routines should be just as special as we are.

just because something works great for your friend doesn’t mean it will work great for you. it’s best to do some research and figure out the best strategy for your shaving routine. if this seems like a lot, there’s no need to stress — we have some tips that can help!

if you get too hasty while shaving and skip some important steps, your skin might suffer a little. redness, bumps, rashes, and ingrown hairs are all common reactions to shaving. while these can’t always be completely avoided, there are some ways you can prevent irritation on the daily. 

shaving too close and shaving without the right tools can definitely do more harm than good for your skin. that’s why hanni has the best set of tools for you to perfect your shaving routine.

what is razor burn?

razor burn is one of the most common reactions our skin might have after shaving. whether you’re shaving your legs, face, or bikini line, shaving incorrectly could leave your skin feeling (and looking) less than amazing. 

if you notice your skin isn’t looking great after you shave, check for some of the symptoms of razor burn:

1. tenderness: your skin feels sensitive to the touch.

2. a burning sensation: your skin feels warm and irritated.

3. itchiness: your skin feels uncomfortable and itchy.

4. small red bumps: your skin is left with little raised bumps where hairs once were.

      how long does razor burn last?

      razor burn can show up just minutes after shaving. though it is often avoidable if you take the right steps, razor burn can be a pain. thankfully, there are a lot of ways to heal even the worst cases of razor burn.

      typically, razor burn clears up in just two to three days. it can clear up even more quickly if you take steps to treat it asap. razor bumps — which often go hand in hand with razor burn — can take up to two weeks to completely go away, just in case you were wondering.

      home remedies

      did you know there are so many DIY solutions to razor burn? you might even have some ingredients in your kitchen right now. if you find yourself in a pinch with irritating razor burn, check your pantry for these home remedies.

      before trying any remedies, though, make sure you aren’t doing anything to irritate it further. avoid exfoliating fresh razor burn until it heals. hold off shaving until the rash has fully cleared up. 

      now that you know the 411, try these home treatments on for size:

      • apple cider vinegar: this reduces inflammation associated with razor burn. 

      • aloe vera: use a cool washcloth on the affected skin and follow up by applying aloe vera oil directly on the razor burn. this will soothe itching.

      • tea tree oil and water: apply equal parts tea tree oil and water to the razor-burned skin. 

          over-the-counter solutions

          if you really, really hate razor burn, we don’t blame you. try some of these over-the-counter options to make that rash a thing of the past:

          • hydrocortisone: one of the most popular solutions for razor burn is hydrocortisone cream. this popular itch-relieving cream will help to reduce any swelling while also minimizing redness on the skin. this can help with razor bumps that often come along with razor burn.

          • Aquaphor: this common healing ointment will keep the skin hydrated and cooled as it heals.

          • lotion: a gentle, fragrance-free lotion can help soothe razor-burned skin. apply the hanni shave pillow generously to the affected skin. this will keep it hydrated as it heals. 

              how does razor burn happen?

              now that we know what razor burn looks like, how does it happen — and why (oh, why!) does it happen so often? the biggest cause of razor burn is improper technique and improper tools. here's more on how to get rid of razor burn.

              all too often, people act like their shaving routine is a race against the clock. some people even attempt a dry shave with no shaving cream (or super helpful shave pillow) at all, creating the perfect recipe for razor burn. 

              dry shaving

              shaving without using any water is all too common for people in a hurry. we’ve all been there. just before walking out the door, you realize you forgot to shave. you head back into the bathroom and shave over the sink — but wait! this rushed strategy is a fast track to razor burn.

              the hanni shave pillow is about to become your new secret weapon. this quick, mess-free solution will help prevent rashes and razor burn by hydrating the skin. prior to shaving, apply the shave pillow generously to create a soft barrier between the razor and your skin.

              too much pressure

              pressing the razor too hard on your skin while shaving can quickly lead to razor burn. always lightly glide your razor across your skin after applying some kind of moisturizing shaving cream or alternative. 

              the hanni razor has a weighted handle so that you don’t even need to apply pressure while shaving. the weight of the razor itself does all the work for you.

              bad blades

              dull or old blades are often the culprit when it comes to razor burn. make sure you always have a fresh, sharp blade in your razor. we recommend switching blades about every 2 weeks, depending on how often you choose to shave.

              hanni’s Swedish steel blades come in packs of 5, 20, or 50, so you’ll never have to worry about using an old dull blade again.

              the importance of routine 

              it’s so important to have a shaving routine. because everyone’s skin is so different, what a shaving routine looks like varies from person to person. no matter what area of your body you choose to shave, skipping steps can lead to less-than-awesome side effects like razor burn.

              how to hanni

              are you new to shaving with a safety razor? have you been at it for a while? either way, hanni’s got you covered. 

              it’s easy to get the hang of shaving with hanni, especially once you have your shaving routine down. once you know what to expect, it only gets easier. we have some tips and tricks that might help you put together your own hanni shave routine.

              when you get your new hanni weighted razor, first notice that the packaging is recyclable. (yes, this was a humble brag.)

              next, move on to the important part: twist the bottom of the razor to open the clasp. when you unwrap the blade, hold it by the short end, and place the blade in the razor. twist it closed, and you’ve got a razor that’s ready to rock.

              next, it's time to reach for the hanni shave pillow. this mess-free, portable moisturizer lets you take your shave anywhere. just toss it in your bag and take it with you wherever you might need a last-minute touch-up — no irritation necessary.

              just remove the shave pillow’s cap and generously apply it directly to the skin. it’s perfect for shaving with or without water (or just use it when you need some skin hydration on the go) even if you struggle with dry skin. for a satisfyingly close shave, just apply the shave pillow section by section as you go along.

              now, you’re ready to shave! grab your hanni weighted razor. the swedish stainless steel blade and weighted handle will give you the smooth skin you’re looking for without needing to apply pressure. use short strokes to catch every little hair (and to avoid any nicks or cuts). gently glide the razor across your skin, and trust the process. 

              when you shave with a hanni razor, remember that its single-blade design makes it unique. these blades are sharper than you think! for a smooth shave, slow down and use short strokes.

              goodbye razor burn

              when you decide to shave, we’re sure you’re looking for smooth, clear skin. a close shave isn’t difficult to achieve with the hanni weighted razor — just don’t let razor burn kill your vibe. you just need to take your time and establish a shaving routine that works for you. 

              when applied before shaving, the hanni shave pillow can minimize the chance of getting razor burn. when using the hanni weighted razor, go slow and shave section by section. it’s best to shave using water in combination with the shave pillow, but the shave pillow on its own is enough to achieve a close shave.

              razor burn isn’t always avoidable, but thankfully, there are several remedies to choose from if you find yourself with that red, irritated skin. between our awesome shaving tools and your newfound knowledge, razor burn is no match for your shaving expertise! 


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